Bloggers’ Workshop Hosted By the Bloggers’ Advocate in Lagos.

The Bloggers' Workshop by Bloggers'Advocate

Last weekend, on the 25th of May, 2019, the Bloggers’ Advocate (shortly known as “TBA”) organized a Bloggers’ workshop in collaboration with Cowrywise for bloggers in the popular city of Lagos. The Bloggers’ workshop was a practical class that focused on a variety of blogging sessions and spanned for almost eight hours.

The Bloggers’ Advocate, founded by Dako Alice Temitope, has catered to the growth of about 2000 bloggers from different niches over a period of two years. From time to time, the brand organizes workshops and hangouts where bloggers get to network with other bloggers and also learn how to up their blogging game to the next level.

Attendees at the Bloggers' workshop organized by the bloggers' advocate.
A cross-section of attendees at the last Bloggers’ workshop.

At this edition of Bloggers’ workshop, participants were offered practical teachings and lessons which touched on understanding exactly how to set up and run a WordPress blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website indexing, brand development and collaborations and more.

The facilitator of the class, Alice, was absolutely there not just to teach but to walk each blogger through the process visually. Feranmi Ajetomobi, a member of the team at Cowrywise, also took an enlightening session on how to grow your brand and make it attractive to other brands before you think about monetizing.

Dako Alice Temitope, founder of The Bloggers' Advocate.
Dako-Temitope Alice; Founder, The Bloggers’ Advocate.

Certain worthy bloggers also copped collaboration deals with other brands that were available at the event; some of which included Cowrywise, Organiks with Jane A, Thrift Store NG, to mention a few.

Organiks by Jane A
Some of the showcased beauty products from a brand present at the bloggers’ workshop.

The essence of having a bloggers’ workshop could not have been overemphasized as a lot of individuals find it hard to have a grasp of what it means to actually be a good blogger. Also Visit: Zoom Property

After the event, participants left with better knowledge of all that was taught about blogging. Dako Alice Temitope’s aura and simplicity when it comes to teaching about both the tough and easy parts of blogging are definitely something to commend. The event was, no doubt, one of the best things to happen to attendees with respect to their blogging journey.

Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate

About The Bloggers’ Advocate

The Bloggers’ Advocate goes beyond just teaching people how to blog; it is a “bloggers’ agency dedicated to promoting the culture of blogging and grooming, educating and empowering a community of bloggers as major growth tools to the economy at large”. The goal is to “showcase bloggers as useful tools to brands; both startups and established companies, great causes and excellent source of influence on the entire community (regardless of its diversity) at large; in Nigeria, Africa and in Diaspora.”

Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate

About Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a Fintech company that makes financial decisions like saving and investing extremely easy and affordable for individuals. The company explores new technology to enable individuals to reach their financial goals and enjoy the dividends of financial discipline with as low as 100naira only. You can start with Cowrywise HERE.

Check out more pictures from the Bloggers’ workshop below:

Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate
Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate
Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate
Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate
Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate
Bloggers' Workshop by the Bloggers' Advocate

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