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Last week Friday, I saw this particular tweet by Tribe Restaurant, Lekki ( Tribe Naija) on Twitter. The pictures of the food were enticing (it’s hard to say if this is because I love food or because I love good pictures. Lol). I thought it would be a really cool idea to visit the place the next day, especially as I had an event on the Island on the same day and felt I could make it down for both. So, I hinted my friend, Bukayo, since we had both gone to Ofada Boy together some weeks before and he agreed for us to go there the next day after our event in the morning.

The Experience at Tribe Restaurant, Lekki.

When we first approached the Tribe Restaurant, I remember that I started to exclaim at how really beautiful and classy the place was. It was really that catchy that I gushed about it all the way in, and all through our stay there. The restaurant has an exterior that makes you really look forward to whatever could be inside. On the space outside it, there were a number of closely-seated woven chairs on a grass-rug. I was attracted to a bright red Tortoise car that was just in front of the restaurant as well. I began to picture how amazing the place would be for pictures and for the umpteenth time, I was glad Bukayo had agreed to go there with me.

We proceeded into the restaurant with me looking around in awe as if I was going somewhere abroad for the first time. As we found our way around looking for a seat, we heard a couple of people chorus a welcome message for us from the food stand with bright smiles. I felt loved and special. Looool. So, yes, even before they served us our food, I already gave them an A for excellent customer service.

I could barely sit down before I forced Bukayo out to take pictures of me. Howww do you go to a place like this without taking pictures abeg? *rolls eyes*. And that reminds me sef, if you’ll be going out with a friend to a new place in Lagos, please, ensure your friend can take good pictures! (Unless you’re not a fan of pictures, anyway).

Tribe Restaurant Lekki Lagos

Tribe Restaurant Lekki

1. Design

I know design is not all there is to a good restaurant but I am going to give it up to Tribe Restaurant for their exquisite interior and exterior designs. I think I really loved the exterior better than the interior because it offered me more freedom and enough sunlight to take pictures *smug face*. However, the interior part was really cool too. The restaurant adopts an urban-African feel for everything from design to food, which I found really cool. The Urban-African ambience wasn’t an intense as that of Ofada Boy, though. Also, the place was very comfortable to be in and attributing to its name, it also encourages small get-togethers, dates and hangouts.

2. Location

The location of Tribe restaurant is 1b, Prince Adelowo Adedeji Street, Off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. I don’t know if this is peculiar to every restaurant on the Island but the place is located in a generally serene location so you don’t have to worry about Danfo drivers breaking bottles outside. Lmaooo. 

3. Food

Food wasn’t exceptional like it was made in heaven but I loved the variety; they had both continental and traditional dishes. My fear of trying out new foods in new places for the first time did not allow me to order for anything “funny” – I stuck to my Fried rice jejely. Bukayo, on the other hand, had Pounded Yam and Edika-Ikong. I tasted a bit of it and I loved it; it was my first time of tasting it and it tasted like it was made with vegetables and tonssss of crayfish. He mentioned, though, that the Pounded yam tasted stale so he didn’t enjoy it very much. I don’t know what could have caused that but I enjoyed my fried rice, anyway.

We stayed there talking for several hours and when it was dark, Bukayo thought it was a good idea to have something else to eat. Yayy! So, we ordered a bowl of Nkwobi on my request. I had had Nkwobi once almost a year before then and the experience had never left me. Nkwobi is an Igbo meal made with pieces of meat, some kind of sauce and bitter leaf (the vegetable tastes really bitter so you’re supposed to mix it with the sauce). The meal was a whole lot and we were thankful we hadn’t ordered two plates. We shared one plate and I was filled.

The most interesting thing I must mention, asides the variety of foods they have, is the affordability of their food. I had initially thought we would be spending a lot because it was on the Island. But their food was reasonably affordable and not different from what a lot of restaurants on the mainland charge as well.

I am not sure they have all local Nigerian meals but they have quite a number you would want to try out. Also Visit:

4. Customer Service

I am not certain we should be commending restaurants for good customer service but this one impressed me so, yes. From the time we entered to when we left, they had a warm reception and made our date more than just a stay but a wholesome, unforgettable experience.

5. Total Budget

If you are thinking about how much you should “carry for hand” while going to Tribe Naija on a personal time-out, date or get-together, you can budget for as low as 1500naira to 2000naira for one person and more depending on how often you want to eat there sha.

6. Photo Permission & Sturvz

When we first got there, I asked the attendant there if we were allowed to take pictures and he answered in the affirmation so Bukayo took all the pictures of me there. The place would be pretty fine place for fashion and editorial photoshoots but I really do not know if they allow DSLR cameras for professional photoshoots.

7. Best Time to Go to Tribe Restaurant?

It’s quite hard for me to tell this, having had the experience of being there at both times of the day. During the day, the place looks really alluring, classy and exquisite. At night, the place looks glowing and glamorous. Any time of the day is fine, in my opinion, depending on you and whoever you want to be with. The restaurant closes at 10pm.

8. On a Scale of 10?

Combining experience, food, design and every other thing that made me love the place, I’d give Tribe Naija restaurant an 8/10. The remaining 2 stays with me because Bukayo didn’t like his pounded yam *tongue out*.

Orifunke Lawal

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